Guideline About Admission In Norway Universities For International Students

We would tell you about the Admission In Norway Universities For International Students. Norway gives free education to international students as well as many universities are offering fully-funded scholarships. Enlist all the potential universities for your desired program.

If you are looking for Bachelor’s, Master & Ph.D. degree program so Norway is best for you. Here is a complete detailed list of guidelines about study in Norway Admission. CHECK HERE a list of Norway Universities. All the mentioned universities in the previous link are public and have no tuition fees. In some universities, IELTS/TOEFL is required to take Admission In Norway Universities For International Students.

Apply according to the deadlines and program requirements. Every program has some general requirements, as well as some, have specific requirements for admission in Norway universities. There are 2 intakes, fall semester, and spring semester. However, may vary so check on the website. Submit all the documents as they require. Also check University of Saskatchewan Scholarships in Canada 2021-2022 | Full Funded

Important Documents

  • Degree and transcripts must be attested by HEC. If the degree is not available, you can get a provisional certificate from your university and also apply on the basis of transcript only but again it should be attested.
  • Wait for the results and meanwhile prepare for English tests like IELTS and TOEFL
    Sometimes the universities accept exemption certificates which you must acquire in advance from the administration. English proficiency certificate can be made from the university
  • If you are an O levels student and have scored a grade of minimum C in the English language, you might be exempted from submitting IELTS.
  • If you have secured admission, the next step is to apply for the visa.
  • Norwegian universities are public and follow the same structure as in Germany. Hence for the first year of your masters, they will ask you to show an amount which will be stated in the acceptance letter and with all the details. The amount can also be found at the University’s website. Check Chinese Government Scholarship Process – Fully Funded China Scholarship.

Visa Procedure

After you have transferred the amount to the university’s account Visit UDI (Norway’s embassy website ) and follow the instructions to fill an application for a study permit.

  • Pay the application fee
  • Checklist all the documents
    The concerned authority will not hang you for an appointment. It’s well regulated and on time. The application you will fill would also be according to deadlines hence everything goes according to a proper timeline unlike Germany’s.
  • Visit the embassy in Islamabad with all the original documents (attested)
  • The interview is simple and you do not have to lie. The good thing is they will write your answers which you can even modify later in front of the interviewer. Keep transparent and you will pass.
  • Fly to Norway.

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After arrival in Norway

  • You will already have a housing guarantee which you got after the acceptance. They will send you all the instructions and details no worries.
  • Visiting the police station for a residence card (important)
  • You have to get the card from the police station. You will apply to your previous account on UDI and make the appointment. Depends on the city where you will be, you will get the appointment on time. Some universities even arrange special dates only for students to apply for the card.
  • Make your Norwegian bank account
  • After you get the card, you will have a Norwegian D number so the next step is to make your Norwegian account. Once your account is created you have the right to transfer the money you submitted to your own account.

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Positive point: Unlike Germany which is a blocked account, you have full control over the money hence as soon as you get a part-time job you can send back the money to Pakistan.

Getting tested for Tuberculosis, This you must-do if you are coming from Pakistan and some other specific areas. You will be notified by UDI.

Sites for getting Part Time Work For Students

“” The most popular site for getting a part-time job. However, the recommended way is to deliver your CVS all-around hotels, markets, and everywhere you think you can work.

Why Study in Norway?

  • Flexible education system and study along with part-time work
  • Entitled to health insurance automatically
  • Norwegians speak good English unlike Germans
  • High standards of living; good housing system with all the key facilities and other services like training, swimming centers, etc
  • Jobs are regulated by proper employment contract and the minimum wage is good enough to survive Un-necessary stress not given to students and very cooperative and collaborative teachers
  •  Mental health is considered serious here
  • The Norwegian grading system is simple and unbiased.
  • Beautiful nature definitely with multiple new things to experience; Kayaking, skiing, glacial, hiking, etc.

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Some Cons While Staying in Norway

  •  Students find it expensive
  • Some cities, particularly in the very north, might give you winter depression
  • Coming from Pakistan, it is difficult to adjust to very different sun timings but you do

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