How To Apply For Scholarships in Australia in Australian Government ( Fully Funded)

How To Apply For Scholarships in Australia? Australian Government has been announced more than 2000 scholarships for international students across the world. Scholarships at AUSTRALIAN Universities (FULLY FUNDED). Masters/MPhil, Ph.D. Scholarships in any Fields/ Majors available. All the Expenses will be covered by the Melbourne University including Tickets, allowance, Tuition, Books, Stipend Australian International RTP Scholarship Deadlines for 2021 Entry.

Students from Any nationality can easily apply for a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree & Post Doctoral degree program in these Australian universities. This is a Fully Funded Scholarship in Australia by the Government of Australia. All expenses will be covered by University

List of Universities With Deadline

  • University of Queensland = July 18 
  • Macquarie University = July 31
  • Monash University = Aug 31
  • University of Western Australia = Aug 31 
  • University of South Australia = Aug 31
  • Australian National University = Aug 31
  • Curtin University = Sep 01
  • Griffith University = Sep 15
  • University of NSW = Sep 18
  • Bond University = Sep 30
  • Deakin University = Oct 23
  • Queensland University of Tech = Oct 30
  • University of Sydney = Oct 31
  • University of Melbourne = Oct 31

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Guideline About How To Apply in University

Although there will be little changes in the process may be with the time but the basic process remains the same, I ‘am writing this for all those students who want to go to Australia for Ph.D. on scholarship.

1) Do IELTS, because it’s mandatory, try to get at least 6.5 no band less than 6.

2) Try to write a research proposal that best matches your master’s research and relevant to your field.

3) The next most important thing is to find a supervisor of your interest. For this straightforward way is, open the google and simply write (Professors of subject* in Australia). You ‘ll get the names of professors in certain universities. Now, open the link and read the professor profile, if it matches with your research interest then copy his/her mail address. And forward your CV and research proposal to him/her.

The tip is don’t write informal emails or ask for scholarships at first. And, please don’t write am too much needy and you are very nice or like this stuff. Just write a short mail with little your introduction and academic background and in two to three lines tell him about your research interest.

4) Now, wait for his/her response. If he/she ‘ll be agree to supervise you then he ‘ll recommend you apply for admission. One thing to be noticed here. In some universities, you don’t have permission to contact the professor at first, in which first you should fulfill OI (Expression of Interest) and then they allocate you a supervisor according to your profile if the professor agrees to supervise you. I faced this scenario while applying for the University of Queensland.

5) If you get the acceptance, then go for the application and fill the online application form and attached the requested documents. There is no need to fill separate forms for a scholarship. In application, they ask about funding options, just put a tick for considering your application for a scholarship too.

6) Scholarships round may very university to university but closing dates of most of them are April for the main round, March and August, and then October. So, still, you have a chance to apply for February 2019 Intake.

7) After that, first you ‘ll receive a confirmation mail of your admission either you have selected or not. If YES, they’ll tell you that your application is considering for scholarship. And hopefully, if you’ll get the scholarship then Thanks God and stand up for the next process of getting a visa.

8) The fully-funded scholarship includes tuition fees waived off, get health insurance cover, and monthly living allowance.

9) The next step is applying for a visa. First, accept the university scholarship offer and pay health cover if any because in some cases all is paid by University, in some you have to pay 20 percent and sometimes the whole so should arrange at least one lac for this purpose if you are going single and for dependent should have at least 3 lac.

10) When you’ll accept the offer, and pay insurance you’ll get CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment) and Insurance copy for visa purpose.

11) For Visa, create an account and fill the application form. For application, don’t provide any false information and write work experiences for which you don’t have any proof. Attached all the documents, Fill form 80 and form 1221 along with the application.

12) Documents required are (All attested degrees from IBCC, HEC, AND MOFA), CV, Research Proposal, Police Character Certificate, Polio Certificate, Research publications if any, COE, Insurance Proof, Experience letters and any other thing such as certificates and the most important GTE statement.

13) GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) is a 4 to 5 pages statement for explaining why you are going to Australia, your intensions, academic background, and all this stuff. You can also read the instruction on website too.

14) When you ‘ll submit application then pay the embassy fee which is $576 around 58,000 PKR but for a dependent, there is no fee. Now, there is a need to do Biometric and medical examination. The biometric fee is 5760 PKR and for medical examination in Islamabad, it’s 7500/-

15) Biometric and health examination report is automatically updated on the portal within three days and now pray and wait for the visa.

16) Many people said to me you don’t have any experience or research gap of one-year blaa! So, you will not get the visa but Alhamdullilah after medical-only it took 3 days I got my visa or in total 10 days. SO, DO YOUR BEST AND TRUST ON GOD.

I wrote the whole journey how I got the scholarship and visa in detail and answered all the questions regarding expenses. Hopefully, it’ll help. 

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Guideline About How To Apply For Scholarships in Australia

You can apply for Masters/MS and Ph.D. scholarships in Australia easily by following these steps about How To Apply For Scholarships in Australia.

1. Search the universities and professors in Australia of your relevant interest.

2. Read all professor’s profiles, research interests, and projects. (You can also find the research interests of professors by finding on Google their published research papers or on their own website)

3. Email them with your research CV and a good email (just like a cover letter) by showing how you fit in their lab/work

How you can show that you fit in the professor’s lab, you can do it by reading the professor’s papers and giving references to his work in the cover letter. But be brief in the cover letter and do not need to show that you belong to a poor family or you have a dream of doing work in Australia etc

For the research CV, you just need to explain what you did in your bachelor’s/master’s degree in the form of a paragraph. Relate your previous work plus final year project with that professor’s research work and show him/her your interest in his work). A sample can be seen here

– Remember one thing, first visit the faculty profile of respective universities for applying to the PhD program. Some universities do not encourage contact supervisors directly; in that case fill their EOI (expression of interest form) and submit it online.

4. If the professor replies you, then he/she will guide you to go through the whole process and apply for admission in the university

5. IELTS is required, so do it as soon as possible

6. After getting admissions, For scholarships, universities have their own scholarships and mostly professors guide you to apply for them or you can see university websites and how to apply for them. But few are

  • -RTP
  • – IPRS (International Research Postgraduate Scholarships)
  • – APA (Australian Postgraduate Awards)
  • – Endeavor Awards
  • – University own research scholarships
  • – Different Funding agencies

7. Have you read about How To Apply For Scholarships in Australia? So start following the above steps and start applying. The process of applying in Australia and South Korea is the same, except in Korea Professor has his own funding also while in Australia, Universities give you funding. Deadlines for IPRS scholarship are mostly updated on this page.

8. You can also visit the below event where senior students answered the questions related to the studies and scholarships in Australia for Masters and Ph.D.

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