Australian Visa Interview Questions and Answers Updated 2020

Here are some Visa Interview Questions and Answers are given below reading the post until the end. You may check Free IELTS Tips And Tricks- Guideline About Preparation.

List of Visa Interview Questions and Answers

  • What is the purpose of your trip?
The sole purpose of my trip to Australia is to get higher education from there.
  • What course have you applied for?
I have got the CoE from the University of South Australia for a Master of Information Technology in Enterprise Management.
  • How long will your course last?
The course is of 2 years duration. The orientation is on 20th July 2020, the classes would commence on 27th July 2020 and the course is going to end on 22nd July 2022.
  • When will the course begin?
It will begin on 20th July 2020.
  • Why you chose the Master of IT (Enterprise Management)?
Look, I have already grabbed the knowledge regarding management and its practices during my bachelors, now, I want to add something new to it that goes in line with my existing knowledge and provides me with a stronger hold over my skills. I felt opting for this course because when I was in the corporate sector, the majority of management tasks would require the use of different system applications like SAP and ERP, etc. I thought if I can get my hands on such tools in my higher education, it would make me an individual with the knowledge of management and applications of IT in management, thus, my employability would be surged for sure, meaning I’ll be eligible for work in both fields.
  • I see that your desired course is in a different field. What is the reason?
I would not say that the field I have chosen is completely opposite from my previous education, because the course I’ve enrolled in is a combination of management and IT. It focuses on the use of IT in management practices like using the software in the analyses, implementation, purchasing, sales, budgeting, etc. This makes it a complementary field rather than a whole different field. This course will allow me to compete in today’s tough job market. To me, it looks like everything is going to change into digital in the future, the management practices are already dependent on IT, it’s better to prepare yourself for the future knowing that the change is inevitable.
  • Tell me a little about your course and subject.
This course is available at Mawson Lakes campus only where it is completed in 2 years. It’s a CRICOS registered course and is accredited with the Australian Computer Society (ACS). This will allow me to work as a Business and Systems Analyst, ICT Manager, and Systems Counsellor, etc.
  • How many universities did you apply to?
I applied to 4 universities, they were Deakin University, UniSA, Western Sydney University, and Federation University. I got offers from all, but the offer made by UniSA was impossible to decline.
  • Why you chose UniSA?
For this question, I have 5 major reasons; Tuition Fee (Merit Scholarship), ATN, Location, Ranking (26th in THE & 30th in QS), and Accreditation.
  • Could you tell me a little about the university you have chosen?
The university is situated in Adelaide, Mawson Lakes to be more precise. It is currently ranked between 251-300 in Times Higher Education Rankings and 274th in QS World University Rankings 2020.
  • Why have you picked an Australian university? Why not do this course in your home country?
(1) Less focus on the education sector because of CPEC and other developing projects. (2) Lack of Quality Education in Pakistan. (3) The education system is better in Australia (more practical knowledge). (4) Lucrative Scholarships. (5) Higher Employability on return.
  • Why do you wish to study in Australia?
Well, I chose Australia over other options after doing proper research: When I compared Australia with the US, I found out that the average tuition fee for masters in the US is $50,000, which was far higher than my budget. I searched the programs offered by Cornell University, Arizona State University, University of Utah, University of Delaware, and the University of Virginia.
Similarly, when compared with Canada, the weather conditions played a major role. Its severe cold there, and I being a citizen of the subcontinent, would find it hard to adjust in such cold weather. Therefore, I decided no to go with Canada.
In contrast to the UK, the programs I checked out were all 1-year duration, which is not recognized by the Higher Education Commission Pakistan. Also, in my opinion, a 1-year master would not focus on deep knowledge rather an overview would be learned.
In addition, the weather in the UK is also cold compared to Australia and Subcontinent, the weather in Australia is the same as in Pakistan but just the time of seasons is the opposite. I checked universities like the University of Nottingham, University of Dundee, University of Sussex and Queen Mary, etc. Australia is a very diverse country, 29% of the people are overseas-born, this makes it a welcoming and desired country for international students like me.
  • How much does your course cost?
The total cost for this course is A$65,200. But I, being a recipient of Vice Chancellor’s International Excellence Scholarship worth 50%, my total cost would be A$32,600. So, the per semester fee would be A$8,150.
  • How will you be paying for the course?
My brother is sponsoring me for all my expenses. Since my father’s death, he is the head of our family and he is willing to sponsor me for my higher education in Australia. He sold some land inherited from my father for Rs. ***** only for my education. That money has been deposited in his savings account in **** Bank Limited. He has already paid for the 1st semester and my OSHC.
  • Could you tell me a little about your family background?
Sure. My wife’s name is *****, she is currently enrolled in ***** University for BSc in Biomedical Engineering. She received a 100% talent scholarship; the evidence is attached. She would not accompany me to Australia because her course just commenced this September and it is going to end in 2023. My father is deceased, and my mother is a housewife. My brother, who is also my sponsor, is running a business named “*****” and looking after our property as well. My sister is married, and she will soon be going to Chicago to join her husband there, he is a PR holder of the US.
  • What do your siblings do? Do they live with you?
My brother is having his own business of ***** and he looks after our property as well. We live together in our ancestral residence and my sister is married.
  • What do your parents do for a living?
My father is deceased, and my mother is a housewife.
  • How many people are financially dependent on your sponsor?
He married last year, and he has a daughter as well. My mother is also dependent on him. Now, our mother, his wife, and his daughter are dependent on him.
  • Do you plan to continue studying in Australia after your present course ends?
As I mentioned earlier, I want to return asap to fulfill my responsibilities towards my family, hence, it is confirmed that I will not be studying further in Australia.
  • Are you planning to live in Australia after your course ends?
It is very clear that I’ll be returning back to my country after graduation and for that, I have both intrinsic and extrinsic reasons; firstly, I have my wife and mother here, I must return back to them as soon as I get my degree because I’ll have to start my own family and support both of them financially and morally. Secondly, I have a property of around *** lakhs here, inherited from my father, I cannot abandon such a big amount.
  • What are your job prospects on the completion of your chosen course of study?
I see my chances of grabbing a job with designations like Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, and ICT Manager in an MNC like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Toyota, Honda, Nestle, and Unilever, etc. here in Pakistan. The scope is very high for such individuals, but we are lacking behind in such advancements due to which the job market is vacant for these roles. Pakistani giant companies like Nishat Group, Hashoo Group, and Zakori Group will surely value my foreign degree and skills.
  • How will do this course benefit you?
There’s a requirement for such people having knowledge of management and IT. The employers will prefer my foreign degree and skills over the graduates from Pakistani universities because they’d know that the guy with international exposure and experience of working in diverse teams is going to perform more efficiently for them. Pakistan is a developing country and the IT sector is also developing, management practices are also implementing the use of IT in their decision making, marketing, financing, and positioning, etc. When I achieve this degree, I will have higher employability chances due to being efficient in both fields.
  • What will you do during your semester breaks?
I will come back to visit my family and friends.
  • Why you should be granted a student visa?
I never had any gaps in my studies. Besides, the transcripts and certificates from school clearly show that I am a genuine student.
  • What if your visa gets rejected?
I will make sure not to repeat the mistake and prepare again for the whole visa process thoroughly.

Visa Conditions:

I am completely aware of the rules of visa subclass 500 and I will strictly abide by the visa conditions during my study period in Australia:
8105 – I am not allowed to work more than 40 hours per fortnight when my course is in session.
8202 – I must remain enrolled in my registered course; I must maintain enrolment in my registered course of the same level (master’s degree) and I must maintain satisfactory attendance in my course.
8501 – I must maintain my OSHC.
8516 – I should maintain enough financial capacity for my duration of the visa.
8533 – I must provide my contact details to my education provider and DOHA within 7 days after landing in Australia and my updated address if I change my address in Australia