Centenary Scholarships for International students at Reading University, UK

Centenary Scholarships are being offered at Reading University of UK for International Students for 2022 to 2023. Apply for a Master’s Degree and study abroad utilizing the Scholarship; exclusively being offered at the 100th Anniversary of Royal Charter at the University of Reading. This brings more funding chances to the International Students.

Study in UK in Reading University, located in Reading, Berkshire. The institute also enjoys its top reputation for enterprise, research, and teaching. Enroll yourself and study in a top-notch world-known university for a better tomorrow.

The program offers an award of £4,000 for the students, lifting the burden of living abroad off the shoulders of the students. Both domestic and international students can apply for this postgraduate scholarship. Apply without delay!

Features of the Scholarship

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • University: University of Reading
  • Level: Master’s Degree
  • Financial Coverage: £4,000
  • Deadline: 1st March, 2022

Benefits to the Scholars

Studying at Reading University UK brings a lot of advantages to the students. The students will get an award of £4,000 making it much easy to manage their finances abroad as a student.

Criteria for Eligibility

Meet the following eligibility criteria to be eligible for the application for Centenary Scholarships at Reading University:

  • The applicants must have an outstanding undergraduate honors degree (or equivalent from a university outside UK).
  • The applicants must have achieved 7.0 score in IELTS for English Proficiency Test.
  • The applicants must submit the documents before the deadline.

Eligible Countries

The students from the below-mentioned countries are considered eligible, a number of scholarships (based on the need and demand of our courses) are also mentioned:

  • Pakistan 2 Scholarships
  • Japan 2 Scholarships
  • Lebanon 2 Scholarships
  • Jordan 2 Scholarships
  • Nigeria 5 Scholarships
  • Iran 2 Scholarships
  • Kenya 2 Scholarships
  • USA 3 Scholarships
  • Italy 2 Scholarships
  • Turkey 3 Scholarships
  • India 5 Scholarships
  • Malaysia 2 Scholarships
  • Thailand 3 Scholarships
  • Cyprus 2 Scholarships
  • Ghana 3 Scholarships
  • Taiwan 2 Scholarships
  • Bangladesh 2 Scholarships
  • Indonesia 2 Scholarships
  • Germany 2 Scholarships
  • Malawi 2 Scholarships
  • Hong Kong 3 Scholarships
  • Greece 2 Scholarships
  • China 5 Scholarships
  • United Kingdom 10 Scholarships

(However, no student applying outside the mentioned countries is ineligible for Centenary Scholarships therefore 10scolarships are set aside for students applying outside these countries.)

Application Process

Apply online and submit all the required documents before the deadline, 1st March 2022. Check the official notification for more information about the application procedure step by step.


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