Chinese Government Scholarship Process – Fully Funded China Scholarship

We will explain about Chinese Government Scholarship Process. First, select a university according to your profile and field and Go for better-Ranked universities according to your profile, and filter and search universities/programs according to your suitability. Go to the website of these universities, check your related department and professor profiles. Do not open the English version of those websites as they do not contain the full information.
Open them through google chrome and then translate them to English. You’ll have access to all available data. Try to get an acceptance letter from professors in November (or end of October) by writing a good email. Many ask what should we attach with email either cv, research proposal, or both?. In my opinion, in very first email cv is enough as if the professor is interested he would ask himself for the things he needs).
Many also link the acceptance letter with a guaranteed admission but I’m sorry to inform you that this is not really the case (at least in CSC AND KGSP) as in both scholarships my humble self had acceptance letters from very senior professors but I ended up by winning CSC for the university where I didn’t have the acceptance letter and professors scholarship for Korea. So, the combination of hard work and fortune also matters along with the acceptance letter)

Chinese Government Scholarship Process Important Documents

  • Admission will start from (December-April) for the Chinese Govt scholarship and there are new scholarship Road and Belt, so better to apply for both to maximize your chances.
  • Check the result of CSC scholarship of different universities this time, so you will get an idea about seats in each university then apply to those in which seats are more.
  • Applying for Chinese Government Scholarship Process Use google to find out seats.
  • Write a Study Plan of almost 1000 words or 800 words minimum (for Master)
  • Make a good proposal for your research topic if applying for a Ph.D., not a master.
  • Make a passport.
  • Do not waste money on urgent by relying on results of admission. Make it now on a regular fee if you’re willing to go abroad as it’s a very basic document.)
  • Good Research CV
  • Get recommendation letters from two full professors or associate professors from the previous university you attended).
  • Reference Letters play a very important role. It is very professional to get them on a letterhead page. For CSC, you just need to send copies of your RLs, not the original ones.
  • Attested photocopies of docs (degree+transcript) from notary public (authorized lawyer) 2-3 sets copy.
  • Many people speculate about 3 different colored stamps but you should give ears those speculations as any stamp by a Notary lawyer where the word NOTARIZED is written on the stamp is enough.
  • No need to waste money and energy on it. Notary lawyers can be found in any nearby sketchy/courts of your area. Try to negotiate the price with them for 2 3 sets else find any lawyer friend and notarize them for free.
  • An English proficiency certificate is required from a previous university.
  • Physical examination certificate from local Govt Hospital or from any other govt./private.
  • Attach Any extra document which you feel can support your application for securing admission. It can be curricular or extracurricular too.

Applying Process

  1. Once you have completed the all above the documents, now you’ll have to start applying. As you have already shortlisted your university, department, and professor, so now just simply go to the INTERNATIONAL STUDENT OFFICE’s webpage of that university and see the list of required documents to apply for CSC at that university as well as the deadline.
  2. Now after doing this, simply visit the website of CSC to apply there. As to apply for CSC you have to apply at their online portal. Click and apply thereby following the steps mentioned on it and get a color print of the form.
  3. You must have your scanned documents in PDF as the system will ask you to upload it. As far as the agency number is concerned, do see it at the university’s website)
  4. After completing step 2, some universities will ask you to apply at their university portal too and some will ask you to send the 2 sets (1 original and 1 copy) of required documents along with the CSC form. In either case, you have to attach all the required documents which you read on the guideline given by the university to apply for CSC.
  5. Your representation of documents matters, so I would highly recommend getting color prints of CSC forms and university online portals’ form (if any).
  6. Now when you have applied online, in 90% of cases to obtain a CSC scholarship you have to send the hard forms to the UNIVERSITY, I write it again to the UNIVERSITY not to the CSC as many students send their package of application to the CSC without bothering to read the guidelines. I would highly recommend the send application package well before the deadline as it would ultimately favor you.

Which Courier Service be Used?

I personally used Pakistan Post as I had applied to 4/5 Universities so it was the only economical way to save some money. Therefore, if your deadlines are not near I would suggest going with Pakistan Post. It usually costs 10 to 15 days.

If you can afford then yes DHL, FedEx and TCS would serve you better:). Anyhow, after following all the above steps now you’re ready to dispatch your documents with the help of any of the above courier service.

I would recommend labeling the address of the university in CHINESE CHARACTERS along with English as usually common postmen here do not know the English here so to minimize the risk you should do it.


In late July, you’ll be notified of almost all universities that you have applied to about your selection. Now if you get selected in more than one university I would suggest you inform the university where you’re most willing to join it as well as inform the ISO of those universities too where you’re not going to join. In this way, a person who is on the waiting list will get selected and the seat wouldn’t be wasted by a single email of yours only.

Visa Proces

  • In early August, you’ll receive the visa document package from your university for the Chinese Government Scholarship Process. it will include the Admission form, JW201 Visa form, and some other relevant material.
    Now you have to prepare for your visa submission. Here is the process.
  • You don’t need to have an appointment to apply for a Chinese visa at the Islamabad embassy.
  • Reach Islamabad as soon as Possible as in august due to a high number of aspirants it really gets rushy.
  • Those who will be arriving in Islamabad for the first time can hire a taxi to reach Embassy Enclaves, but this is an expensive option. So you can also get on 27 number local HiAce/Wagon to reach your destination. it’ll cost you 20rs as compared to 500pkr to Taxi, so the choice is yours guys!!)
  • Information regarding VISA documents can easily be fetched from CHINA EMBASSY Islamabad’s website. There is no hardcore process involved in it.
  • Regarding medical, I would suggest choosing China Acupuncture, F8 Islamabad as they deliver the reports on the same day.) After 3-4 days, you’ll receive your passport with a visa stamped on it.
  • Now book your tickets asap according to your convenience and reach the land of gentle people!!