Easy Scholarships? Low Grades? Criticism?

I hope you all are doing well! I as well hope this post finds you in good health and spirits.
There is “something” that I want to bring your attention to and “something” that I have personally observed among people while they are aspiring for “scholarships.”

For ease of reading, I will break this down into pointers, so it’s easier for you to follow.

Easy Scholarship

A lot of people around the world aspire for scholarships. And scholarships tend to be most competitive. I have as well observed a lot of times, people Will ask “Tell me Easy Scholarships”, I get this message in my DM, in comments, and live sessions not just in this group but to people that I speak with at different forums.

Now, what’s an “Easy Scholarship”? The term tells me, a scholarship that you don’t really want to work hard for and is a full ride and covers everything but you don’t have to invest your time and efforts and even with low grades, your chance of acquiring that scholarship should be 99.9%. Does that scholarship exist? I wish it did! But it doesn’t. Scholarships especially full rides, require you to be an all-rounded student. A person with knowledge, skills, personality, passion, and experience, it all matters. So please scrape this thought that there will be an “Easy Scholarship”

Low Grades

What’s a perfect GPA? A question that has called many debates, arguments, and people have lost friends on this topic. Low grades are very likely. When you start your 4-year journey of undergrad, 2-year master, or any degree, you don’t sign a bond that all 4 years of your life will be perfect. God forbid, you may lose someone near and dear, you may encounter a health issue, you may have financial issues, and believe me, all those issues and circumstances are well justified. But what raises bells and flags is when your performance has remained below average or consistently poor all 4 years of BS or 2 years of MS. If your GPA is below 3.0, it means you received quite a bit of C’s, and this may seem like it will hinder your goals of acquiring scholarships but it should not if your approach is correct. You should have a very targeted approach.

If your GPA is low, your approach should be, “how will you try to convince and explain that your GPA is not the reflection of your true knowledge.” That’s a targeted approach. Aspirants please stop throwing an arrow in thin air, start setting your targets. Keep your approach targeted. Every student has a different method towards this approach, use correct Methodology and approach. I hope it clears your doubt that a low GPA is something like a hurdle, it shouldn’t if your approach is well targeted


People who have acquired all the scholarships, please stop being rude to those who are aspiring. Criticism constructive is helpful but being rude is not helpful at all. I have seen a lot of people who are being rude to those who have a low GPA and want to study abroad. The ideology behind this group was to connect people who can help, so please don’t judge others when they ask for help and have a low GPA.

When you make fun of someone who is asking for help, two things happen, one: they will stop asking and will never pursue their dreams, and two: they will think they are not capable. Don’t be that person because of whom someone thinks, they are not capable. Everyone is capable of acquiring full-ride scholarship, everyone is capable of being on the top of the merit list and everyone is capable of getting the most desired opportunity.

Full-Ride Scholars

People think those who are full-ride scholars, eat differently, sleep differently, or come from a planet that’s not earth. All of those are myths, the only thing full rides scholars are different at are they are not discouraged by their circumstances!

Lastly, I have studied in the US for 6 years Alhumdulilah and when I had the dream of studying abroad, I met with more criticism than hope. The same people that discourage you discourage us as well, And Alhumdulilah, I found the full-ride scholarships, the network, and support. So when I can find that so can you, when all these other scholars around the world can find scholarships, so can you!

Don’t be discouraged by your present circumstances! Your future is as bright as it can be! If you need help along the way, continue to ask questions! Do not assume, success is a one-night thing! It’s endurance! It’s persistence, and it’s not giving up! I will end on a favorite quote of mine, “The more you sweat in training, the less you will bleed in combat”

Never give up! Continue to dream and achieve! Stay blessed!