How to Contact a Supervisor? For International Admissions

Study the research papers in your area. Check their references (last 3, 4 years) you can find the people working in that area. Check their sites by their names. Go to these published papers in GOOGLE SCHOLAR (use options most recent or e.g since 2015 etc). Go to the option “cited by –“ option of any paper. you can find the peoples, profs working in that area e.g in your domain, as they will be citing the papers in your domain as well

Students who need to contact supervisors for grants/scholarships for MS and Ph.D. especially in South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, etc. They have to find supervisors first and then contacting them. There are a lot of opportunities you can also apply for 2022 intakes such as  Charles Darwin University Scholarships – Australian Funded Scholarships 2022.

How To Find Supervisors/Professors

Find the list of universities, you want to apply for by writing to e.g., “Universities in Australia”, “Universities in South Korea”. You will get a whole list of universities there. Finalize your area of interest; you can finalize your area of interest by looking at your final year project, subject in which you are best, some already done research, or some tool in your file you are best for example programmers in the Computer science field. So find as many keywords as you can from them, for example, programmers and CS people can use a keyword, image processing or computer vision or data analysis, etc. To Apply for Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships in Germany – Fully Funded

Open and write the research area of interest with some university name whom you have already found out in the first point given above. You will get the results from Google about the department links/professors links/papers from that university published etc., relevant to your area of interest b. You can open the links of professors and department links or papers to find out your relevant professors/professors.

Professors are doing advanced research work, which you have not done, but maybe some tools or techniques, which the professor is using, you have worked on or you have basic knowledge of professor work, etc. Before contacting the professor, you must know that they have not much time to look at your emails. So be careful with the instructions given below

Readout all the professor’s profiles very carefully and see which one is related to your area of interest.

By profile reading of professor, I mean to read their

  • Research papers
  • Projects


Finalize one or two or more professors based on who is most understandable and relevant to the area of interest you are going for. You will get this thing cleared after you have read their projects and their research papers. Then after the few professors, you have finalized. Read with very extreme attention to their research papers. Ask your seniors or teachers to help you understand them.

See and find how your area of interest fits in them. For example, if you are good at some subject/tool and they have already used it. You must understand fully the ideas presented in the paper Then start writing an email with a suitable heading such as “Request for the supervision of MS/Ph.D.” The body of the email should not be much long or short.

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Start the email by introducing yourself with your name and the university, the country you are from. Then mention that while going through profiles of professors, you stumbled upon that professor profile and have read his papers, mention the paper/papers names you have already read of that professor, and in one line the basic idea of paper/papers you understood.

Then next line you mention how you link your area of interest with his that paper or papers whom you have already mentioned. This thing is quite tricky; you have to be good at it. For example, I work in the Computer science field and I write that “I read your paper “ABC” in which you have implemented Xyz algorithm using Xyz filter. I have also implemented some kind of algorithm in which I have used ABC filter with boosting classifiers and implemented the code using OpenCV libraries.”. This is just an example, you can write a better version of it as it is just a sample line.

Also if you can give some genuine ideas on which you want to work on, then it is best. But you should be writing technically when presenting such an idea. These ideas come into your mind when you read many papers in one area of interest. Must visit for Bristol University Scholarships 2021 In the UK For International Students | Fully Funded

This thing will let him understand that you are a serious person and you have read his papers and you want to do serious work. Then ending lines that you would like to work for MS/Ph.D. under his/her supervision, You can mention sometimes in the first email also the scholarships you want to apply for; e.g, IPRS for Australia, or NZIDRS or New Zealand, etc. Put formal endings. Attach research CV.

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