How to select a major, field, degree or specialization?

Please tell me what is the best field for me’ or ‘Which major do you recommend’. If you are thinking about these questions, then do read this post.  You should understand one very clear thing; you are the one who should choose the major. We all have somehow biased opinions based on our backgrounds, experiences, and sometimes even our interests.
However, that does not restrict you from seeking guidance. Here are some points that you must think about before choosing any field/major.
First thing first; Decide what do you wanna do in your life. Did not decide yet? Don’t worry, take your time but at least try to picture where would you like to work. Some majors are very good if you wanna pursue a research-oriented career like Plant Pathology and Horticulture others come handy if your focus is private industry i.e. Food Technology and Entomology.
Ask specialists about the scope. Don’t just ask your favorite teacher or friend. Again, they may have biasness and their own agenda.
Consider what you like. You don’t necessarily have to study what you like but sometimes if you are particularly interested in something, you can choose it.
Consider what you are good at. I think it is the most important point because some of us have special gifts. It’s like if Shoaib Akhtar wanted to be a batsman just because he liked it or it has more scope. Nobody would know his name. Being good doesn’t just mean that you have good grades but also how much do you understand the subject or your grip to the basics of that subject.
Consider the infrastructure; a particular major may have a better infrastructure at the institute where you are studying which can also be a deal breaker. At least for me, it is important because I don’t wanna struggle for consumables during my research.
Consider the professors: Some majors may have more hardworking professors. You may like the particular way of teaching of some professors. Also, consider the diversity of the professors. A major is worth more when it has professors from many sub-fields.
Don’t consider examples. You may see a very successful graduate of one major but that does not mean that everybody is successful from that major. If you wanna know the real career prospects you should do a survey. Consider at least 10 randomly selected students to have an idea about the future of a particular field.
After going through all of these points, you can decide the major preferences. I recommend giving numbers to every major on the basis of these points for example Plant Pathology has 30/70 overall. At the end whatever you choose, if you work hard, there are very good chances that you are gonna succeed.