How To Write A Study Plan For Scholarship?

How To Write A Study Plan For Scholarship? The identification of the reason why you want to study the selected subject overseas is as important as all the scheduling steps in a study plan. This identification includes the attractions of the place including the education system, University rankings, subject likeability, culture, and the things that can bound you there.

Identify the time required to accomplish the Academic Goals. He identification of educational goal means whether you are striving to expand your knowledge borders or entering the higher studies after high school. The first step is devising a list by specifying the study field and highlighting the reasons to pursue it. As it will lead to a decision of continuing education at home after identifying the needs of your work field. Thus, the first 2 steps are the key to know your goals.

Identify the Reasons for Not Studying in Your Own Country: This heading requires to accumulate the points about the reasons not staying and studying in your home country. The points may include: your home country is not offering the subject that you want to opt for, the education system does not offer enough facilities, or the research requirements are hard to meet here. Thus, it will strengthen the base of your decision.

Conduct Research on Studying in Your Home Country: This section includes researching the institutes and programs offered in your own country. This research will help in getting information about the same courses offered overseas and home town. The difference in the education system and expenses will help to make the decision easy. Check Please Erasmus Mundus Scholarship 2020 – How To Apply!

The Future of Your field in Your Country: The list of courses offered in your country and abroad need little further research. Research the jobs available in your country related to those courses and do not ignore the fact of checking perquisites for each post. This will help in deciding the utmost level of study required to get a specific post and after completing that level you can apply to that post without any hassle.

How Deep Rooted You are in Your Country?: The things that will bring you back to your homeland will be included in this section. These might be your family or just a patriotic warm feel. Read

Consider Your Educational Background: Educational background will include all your past school names courses. Along with the educational background include where you worked and what you gather in the name of experience? This information will strengthen your case and will present a shining image to the concerned ones. ll, the above points can be summarized to finish your letter. This pattern will present your objective of studying abroad and will also display your educational goals. The ending line must be comprised of a Thanks note for the receiving individual. Check University of Vienna Ph.D. Position in Austria ( Fully Funded Scholarship)

How To Write A Study Plan For Scholarship? Study Plan Download: The Study Plan Samples, Study Plan Examples, or Study Plan Template can be downloaded from the section under this article. The Study Plan examples being shown here must not be copied by the candidates!

Sample Of Study Plan:

My name is _______ and I belong from Pakistan. I recently completed a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering from Jiangsu University situated in Jiangsu province of China. During my stay at Jiangsu University, I was successful in publishing my research on CuS-Functionalized Cellulose Based Aerogel for the value of organic dyes in an SCI journal named as Journal of Applied Polymer Science. With that, I participated in various academic conferences and won awards such as the presenter and best paper. I also took part in extra-curricular activities and won Jiangsu University Badminton Championship three times in a row. My stay at Jiangsu University was full of success stories and that is the basic reason that I wish to further pursue my doctoral degree at Jiangsu University, China. With a strong knowledge of chemical process engineering, I would like to further extend my studies and research in the ess engineering & modeling niche.

Talking about my previous academic background, it was my intense enthusiasm and interest in studies that awarded me with a bachelor in Chemical Process Engineering Degree from Dawood University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi. I scored 80% marks back in March 2014 in Chemical Engineering. It came into my knowledge that I scored a  1st position in semester 7th and secured 3rd position in semester 5th, later on as per overall score in this degree; I managed to rank myself among the top 5 students in Chemical Engineering Department. Professors highly appreciated my success and recognized me as ‘Best Presenter’ in the whole university as I acquired expert level skills in developing & delivering academic presentations or seminars in international events organized by the university and department. Due to my fluent English language I actually impressed and engrossed faculty members of the Chemical Engineering Department, because of which they appointed me as an ‘Ambassador of English Literary Society’ in University. Check Successful Story of A Bright Students

I am eager to apply for a P.h.D. degree at Jiangsu University, China on CSC Scholarship. This zealous desire aroused in me because of my strong academic backgrounds like research projects I completed, jobs I did so far in relevant industries, studied related subjects, and experiments conducted under the supervision of respected Professors. It is now my utmost desire to pursue my career path to become a good researcher for my country.

Reasons to Study in China: Research is the hallmark of innovations we see in this century. Such global innovations are the result of foundational facilities provided by the country under the supervision of highly experienced people and China is providing these all facilities. I published my research paper in an SCI journal recently during my stay at Jiangsu University and that happened only because the Chinese Universities have the facility for international students to conduct the proper research. This is the major reason that I wish to study further at a Chinese University this year. It must also be noted that now I can speak the Chinese language and have got 180 marks out of 200 in HSK 2 Chinese language examination. This means now I can speak a basic Chinese language and I am eager to learn more of it. China is ranked among the top advanced countries because of highly advanced facilities, dedicated researchers, intelligent minds, and facilities the government provides to conduct such studies. So this is why every research journal and magazine feature success stories of Chinese people in every field. As per these grounds, I cannot find any better place than China to proceed in the research field of Process Engineering Modeling and theory. I read about various Chinese Thermodynamic and Process engineering professors in magazines of Scheme, London & heard from fellows and my teachers in seminars that Chinese professors are the most advanced persons in process engineering and modeling research niche under Research Center of Fluid Machinery Engineering and Technology, Power Engineering & Engineering Thermophysics department. Not only this but also it is a matter of fact that China is the most secure country having a nice environment feasible for us to study. That Pakistan-China friendship compelled me to move ahead and it feels like China is our most friendly country where people are so humble and friendly. My parents feel comfortable allowing me to proceed with China because China is the safest country & strong emerging largest economy in the world. Chinese universities are Top-ranked and recognized as prestigious research institutes around the globe. So these are the reasons that compelled me to choose China again for my Doctoral degree Research.

Research Field Direction and Plans: I am aware of Industrial and domestic process engineering challenges as I have been internee in two of the topmost Oil Refineries of Pakistan. There I was able to polish my process engineering and modeling skills by using software such as Aspen HYSYS, KORF Hydraulics, and others listed below. I recently carried out practical research in the Environmental department of Jiangsu University on wastewater treatment and it was accepted for publication in the SCI journal. My research was accepted for publication in the journal of applied polymer science (DOI: 10.1002/app.47404) and now I wish to further extend my research to synthesize similar but more innovative catalysts materials. I would like to work on a project assigned to process engineering so I can further extend my research work. I am open to the ideas of working on the development or improvement of pumps, heat exchangers, or other process engineering types of equipment to provide better performance.
I am also interested to develop a modeling system capable to detect certain pollutants in wastewater via computerized simulation monitoring systems just like Aspen HYSYS capable of showing virtual process industry calculations about pollutant type and quantity analysis using magnetic components.

Once I’ll be able to classify and quantify the pollutants from a sample of Textile & Refinery Waster water then thorough research to eradicate these pollutants can be performed with the help of bio-organic catalysts. Moreover, I am highly interested to initiate pre-research on pumps, valves, and other hydraulic equipment’s so their work efficiency can be further improved under harsh or challenging conditions.

I am excited to start my doctoral degree in China this year and this degree & research in China will be helpful for me when I’ll come back to Pakistan and implement my experiences to elevate quality standards in Pakistani industries.

Awards I won at Jiangsu University:

  • Winner of best presenter award at SINO-Postgraduate Conference held by Jiangsu University
  • Winner of best research publication award at SINO-Postgraduate Conference held by Jiangsu University
  • Winner of best overall presenter award at School of Environment conference of Jiangsu University
  • Winner of Badminton Championship in 2017 in Jiangsu University
  • Winner of Badminton Championship in 2018 in Jiangsu University
  • Winner of Badminton Championship in 2019 in Jiangsu University

Seminars I Delivered in Pakistan and Other Activities:

I was recognized as the ‘Ambassador of English Literary Society’ by my professors. So I delivered the majority of presentations at University as well as on social platforms. My academic seminars include:

  • Organic Waste Consequences on Aquatic Life [Eutrophication]
  • Corrosion Protection Methodologies Adopted in Industrial Units in Asia
  • NOx, SOx & VOC and other secondary pollutants distinction from primary pollutants
  • Seminar on Sugar Industry Operation & essential Crystal Growth of massecuite
  • Presentation on Literature Survey on Thermodynamic Properties of Fluids
  • Oil Refinery Operation [Reformer and Hydrocracking Unit with majors in Fluid Cracking Unit]
  • Bubble and Dew Point Calculations and Flash Drum Design
  • Industrial Waste Management Resources and Problems
  • Domestic Water Pollutant Sample Analysis Techniques

Professional Experience, Memberships & Awards:

At Jiangsu University, I was able to work on the synthesis of Metal Chalcogenide functionalized on the surface of an aerogel prepared by cellulose and this research was helpful in the degradation of organic dyes from wastewater. This work was published in an SCI journal as stated above. During my bachelor’s degree, my research project “Troubleshooting of industrial Binary Component Distillation Rectification Pilot Plant” in graduation was actually sponsored by National Oil Refinery and co-supervised by their engineering services managing director with my university supervisor Professor Ghulam Ullah. The notion of our project commenced with the literature survey and problems that caught our attention in pilot plant’s chiller in early-stage and experimented solution to resolve this issue was proposed using Aspen HYSYS Simulation software and Korf Hydraulics which lead us to find out the root cause of the issue and it was proposed successfully to the laboratory which later on they adapted and the pilot plant came back into life once again. It was a successful project indeed in which I got extensive industrial knowledge because of the industrial tours and got a chance to work with extremely professional and highly experienced production engineers in both Attock & BYCO Oil Refineries. In the end, I was awarded an appreciation certificate from the University Chemical Engineering Department and Professional Experience Certificate from BYCO Oil Refinery. Another final year project I was co-engaged in was about Industrial Waste Water treatment & Carbon Dioxide Reduction in flue gases for which we conducted a literature survey.
Moreover, I am a qualified member of Scheme, London. [Institute of Chemical Engineers Society, London]

Besides this, I also have Pakistan Engineering Council’s membership which is only awarded to those successful industrial engineers who completed degrees and have successful research projects.

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