IU International University of Applied Sciences Online Scholarship Germany 2021

Elevate Your Career with a European Degree from IU International – Germany’s largest University! Same Mission, New Name. With its main campus in Bad Honnef, near Bonn in Germany, and a 2nd campus in Berlin, IUBH has welcomed students online and in-person for over 20 years. This year, in Summer, the university will become Germany’s largest with 70,000 students enrolled on their programs.

To mark the occasion, it is adopting a brand-new identity more in line with its international reach. IUBH is now IU. Why the New Name?  The university has grown greatly in the past few years, extending its reach to countries all over the world. Students from Europe, Africa, India, and more take advantage of their digital and flexible approach to learning, gaining globally recognized degrees and moving onto great careers.

“International” has been a central principle and a central goal for the university for two decades. Now, with such a large community and network, it is safe to say the university is truly international—which the new name highlights. IUBH makes careers in a global & welcomes International students from all over the world. Happy Birthday to my one of favorite personality 

Setting New Standards in Education 

While the name might have changed, IU’s core principles stay the same and they continue with their goal to provide better access to higher education for people all over the world. For this, they are setting a new standard in education according to a few core strengths.

IU is International: Reflected in the new name, IU is proud of its large international network which continues to grow. According to them, education should be available to anyone, anywhere in the world and they achieve this mission with distance learning options and opportunities for students to travel to study at their campuses in Germany.

  • IU is Digital: IU is experts in innovative, online learning and allows students to study easily from any device with digital tools
  • IU is Flexible: Students who study online with IU, can choose between full-time or part-time study models and choose when they want to learn—great for people who have work or family commitments.
  • IU is Practical: In addition to the practical knowledge, students have access to advisors, a huge network of international students and alumni, and connections to 6,000 IU partners. IU puts great emphasis on career-focused study content and improving career prospects for its students and graduates.
  • And, of course, quality: IU and its programs are certified and accredited and have won many awards. It has achieved top ratings on the CHE ranking and top marks for online studies in the QS Stars ratings. At a teaching level, professors at IU all have at least five years’ industry experience in their field to ensure students gain relevant and insightful knowledge.

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List of Courses

Scholarships, Equal Opportunities

  • IU has always aimed to enable as many motivated students as possible, from any background, to access further education.
  • They continue to offer scholarships to students who are high academic achievers, female leaders in technical fields, great contributors to society, and more.
  • For online students at IU, scholarships of up to 80% are available! So, students can save a huge amount on tuition fees, not to mention the costs saved by learning at home without the need to travel or pay for accommodation.
  • If you do consider moving to Germany to study a bachelor’s degree, IU might also be able to provide financial help. Aside from scholarships, they can also help you arrange student financing or loans.

How To Apply For IU Scholarship in Germany?

  1. Complete and submit your online application
  2. Discuss your scholarship opportunities based on your work experience and academic performance with your study advisor.
  3.  Please make use of our Scholarship Calculator, fill it out and complete the application, so our student recruitment team can work on your scholarship request.
  4. There are flexible options for studies and scholarships that could be just what you’re looking for to get started on a new career.

You can find more information on the Official Website. Please Visit the Official website of the IUBH Germany University.