New Zealand Government Work Visa Process 2023

New Zealand Government Work Visa Process. Are you planning a government work Visa in New Zealand? You need a Visa to work in New Zealand if you are not a citizen of Australia or New Zealand. You need a work Visa only when a job is offered by a New Zealand company or you want a job here or if you want to study and work in New Zealand. To live, study and do the job, you will need to apply for a work Visa on behalf of experience, skills, and qualifications that are most demanding in New Zealand in 2023.

You can apply for a New Zealand government work visa and get unlimited benefits. The people from all around the globe can be eligible to apply. On the other hand, the application process for New Zealand work visas is easy as compared to other countries. So apply for the Government work Visa in New Zealand.

Details about New Zealand Work Visa

  • Location: New Zealand
  • Work Visa fee: $495 to $635
  • Types of Work Visas in New Zealand

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There are three types of Work visas offered by New Zealand Government 

1# Temporary work Visa

This type of work visa you get after a confirmed job offer from a New Zealand employer

  • To travel to attend the New Zealand event
  • If you want to be interested in accumulating work experience
  • If you want to be a business partner. 

2# Essential skills work Visa

The Visa level ranges from 1 to 5(to high to low skilled jobs).

This visa is issued by the Australian and New Zealand standard classification of occupations (ANZSCO).

  • For ANZSCO skill level 1 to 3, get a 3-year work permit
  • If the applicant’s occupation varies between 4 and 5 levels, you get a 1-year work permit.
  • For a level 1 Visa, you get a 5-year work permit.

3# Entrepreneur Work Visa

For entrepreneurs, you get a 3-year New Zealand work permit.

You need to apply for this visa if you want to develop your business in New Zealand.

  • In this type, the work permit you get for 1 year in the start-up stage. 
  • In the balance stage, you will be issued a 2-year work permit.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must need translation of documents in English
  • If you provide the police or medical certificate and not in English, you to need get translation certificates in English.
  • The English translation must be done by the Translation service of New Zealand’s (DIA) Department of Internal Affairs an embassy, official or from translation business
  • You will need to provide the 
  • Translation of Documents from the official translation business
  • The Translation is not done by the person who is applying for a Government Work visa
  • Your family members cannot do the transportation process
  • An immigration advisor also cannot do the translation
  • You must be 55 years old when you apply for a New Zealand work visa
  • Your salary will be a minimum of NZ $55,000.
  • You have been offered a that is a minimum of 30 hours per week for 2 years.

Required documents for applying for a New Zealand work Visa

  • A valid passport, must be valid for 6 months after applying
  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • National identity card (NIC)
  • Need to provide you with 5 year police certificates from the country after you turn 17
  • You may need to provide a medical certificate depending on how much time you stay here)
  • Or you need to provide a chest X-ray from the doctor approved by New Zealand Immigration (INZ).

New Zealand Government work Visa Process

You will need to apply after selecting the desired work Visa and put all the required documents using the official link to the New Zealand visa application website.

Mostly, the New Zealand Government visas are online, but some of the visas need to submit the application in printed form. For most New Zealand work visits, you should need to create your account on the RealMe official website.

 You don’t need a RealMe account if you are applying for a working holiday visa or Silver Fern Job search Visa.

Once you get your Visa, apply for an IRD number from the Inland Revenue and this number is used for all tax matters in New Zealand.