Scholarship in Germany For International Students 2021 (Fully Funded)

Ph.D., Sandwich Ph.D., and One-year duration, Short Term Research Grants (For Post MS, Post Doc.) Fully Funded Scholarship in Germany For International students in almost every field by German Embassy Islamabad & DAAD. Deadline: 31 August 2021. Dear all, every year Germany offers, Ph.D., Sandwich Ph.D., and research grants to conduct studies and research in Germany 2021. But you have to prepare now for it.

Before German professors go for summer vacations, you must have secured a Ph.D. or research or postdoc position in their lab. Before German professors hire any other nationality student for their labs, you must have impressed them well not with your gold, silver medals, or achievements, but how you can be useful according to their lab research

For all of them, you need to have

  • 18 years of completed education before or if you are in MS leading to Ph.D. then course work completed at least
  • University Langauge Test OR TOEFL score (minimum 550) / or IELTS test (minimum Band 6.5.), not older than 2 years
  • The previous degree must not be older than 06 year
  • In case of already doing Ph.D., should not have passed more than 03 years
  • Students with exceptional Bachelors degree (with very very good research profile can try their luck for Ph.D. or short or long term exchanges as well)

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For Ph.D., you need to have fulfilled the requirements as mentioned above and in the links, you need to have an acceptance/admission letter from a professor in Germany. So, you can start to apply now in order to get things inline on time. Also doing IELTS/ TOEFL.

For Sandwich Ph.D., you need to have again acceptance from a professor in Germany and English test scores, so apply as early as possible

For a One-year research grant, you can be a Ph.D. student or Master degree holder and have acceptance from a German professor to work there along with English scores

For Short term grant, you may have done a Ph.D. or MS or current Ph.D. student, or even done an exceptional BS degree can apply

See the website and associated links given in it and apply as an application portal opens in the coming months. So that you must have acquired an acceptance/admission letter before the application opens and has also done IELTS/ TOEFL.

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DAAD Research Grants for Phd-students and postdocs

  • DAAD research grants are available for doctoral candidates and young postdocs for:
  • Research projects at German universities for the purpose of gaining a Ph.D. in the home country (Research Grants- Bi-nationally Supervised Doctoral Degrees),
  • Research projects at a German university for the purpose of gaining a doctorate in Germany,
  • Research projects or further education and training at German universities for young post-docs.

Scholarship in Germany For International Students Note

In the past, applicants to the DAAD “Research Grant” program have been, expected to be faculty of a Pakistani university or research institution. Now, postgraduate students (having recently completed 18 years of education) or who are in the process of finalizing their M. Phil course or who are on an “M. Phil leading to Ph.D.” program or those who have already started their Ph.D. research work without being employed at any university are eligible to apply. Applicants should be clearly aiming at an academic career.

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Application for a DAAD Research Grant is highly competitive, and at the endless than one applicant out of ten will be selected for a scholarship. We thus strongly advise you:

Apply only if have strong academic records and your research project has been approved by a German supervisor (or you have proof that a graduate school encourages your application)!

Find out about all other funding possibilities for Scholarship in Germany :

Call For Application! 

The DAAD Portal is now open for the following programs:

  • – Research Grants – Doctoral Programmes in Germany
  • – Research Grants – One-Year Grants for Doctoral Candidates
  • – Research Grants – Short-Term Grants
  • – Research Grants – Bi-nationally Supervised Doctoral Degrees

More Information About Scholarship in Germany

Application deadline: 31 August 2021

DAAD offers scholarship programs that are generally open to all subjects, although certain restrictions apply to some subjects (e.g. medicine). There are also subject-specific programs. In the Scholarship database, you can select the scholarships that are offered for your subject group.

Not all programs require a general minimum language level for funding applications. Depending on the country of origin and scholarship program, however, certain language skills may be expected. You can find out which requirements are in the “Application requirements” section of the Call for Applications. Please read these requirements thoroughly to find out what applies to your program.

For scholarships in Germany, however, the following generally applies: when you submit your application, you must provide proof of your current proficiency in the language of instruction (German, English, or German and English) in your chosen study program.

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1. Do I Need Contacts In Germany When I Apply?

If you wish to carry out individual research or complete a doctorate in Germany, you need confirmation from a university teacher that you are being supervised in Germany (see question 2). If you are taking part in a structured doctoral program, proof of existing contacts to a doctoral program coordinator must be submitted in the form of copies of correspondence. If you wish to take a Master’s degree in Germany, all you need to provide is information about your chosen program (see “Application procedure” in the Call for Applications).

2. How Do I Apply For Scholarship in Germany For International Students?

Application procedures may vary depending on the scholarship program. To find out where and how to apply, please read the “Application procedure” section of the Call for Applications in the Scholarship database ( Seek advice if you have any questions.

Contact persons (often in your area) are listed under “Contact and advice”. A list of locations and contact data from the DAAD network is available.

Please also do follow our FACEBOOK_PAGE, WHATSAPP GROUP & TELEGRAM GROUP for the latest Scholarship Opportunities update.