Dream of Study Abroad in American University is over?

Dream of Study Abroad in American University is over? U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has announced that nonimmigrant international students must leave or face deportation if their institution switches to remote learning due to the pandemic. On Monday, July 2020 the 6th this official announcement has made the headlines and there was a huge debate on twitter regarding this issue.

What are the main challenges and solutions that students should take immediately To Study Abroad in American University? Is the American Dream over? Major Challenges for F1 and M1 visa holders. No new F1 visas will be stamped for those Students outside the States who got admitted for schools that were supposed to be fully online due to pandemic during Fall Session 2021.

F1 visa holders currently in an active status in the states and were taking classes online in Spring and Summer during Pandemic. Now if their programs continued to be online those students will be deported. M1 visa holders are not allowed at all to take any credit online while F1 students can enroll for hybrid courses.

Students who are going to enroll for Hybrid courses must inform their DSOs and inform (SEVP) regarding the change by mentioning this in their I-20 for the courses they are supposed to take online. The schools offering a hybrid of online and in-person classes, students can stay in the country if it is certified they are “not taking an entirely online course load this semester.”

Major/Field solutions

  • Be Proactive & apply for some other scholarships such as World Bank Scholarships 2021.
  • Students should not take a nonserious and aggressive approach rather try to find a solution to cope with these challenges.
  • Change your program of study
  • If your current major doesn’t allow you to get enrolled in person for ( min 6 credits) then change your program immediately and enroll in either hybrid or in-person
  • Enroll in Thesis Credits
  • If you don’t want to change your major then make sure to take project credits. Since research for most of the STEM programs is not online so classify as in-person class credits. Also, apply for University of West London Scholarships.
  • Transfer to another University /School
  • Transfer to another school and enroll for in-person offered programs. The process is quite simple you just need to transfer your SEVIS record from one school to another and get a new I -20.
  • Apply for Reduced Course Load to waive off full-time enrollment to part-time & Medical Leave
  • DSOs authorize RCL by completing an action in SEVIS called “Authorizing a Drop Below Full Course.”
  • For those who got failed in all above can apply for RCL
  • Make sure to check the eligibility criteria for RCL and contact your DSO immediately regarding the documentation
  • RCL is strictly for those programs that involve research projects partial or full it’s not applicable for All coursework related programs.China is also a good option for many students Here is List Of Chinese Universities Under CSC Scholarship – 1 Million Scholarships
  • M1 visa holders can only apply for RCL incase of illness or medical condition.
  • After pandemic since the whole education structure has been changed make sure students consult with their DSOs and make an informed study plan accordingly.

Effect on USA Economy & American Students Future

International students in the USA contribute around 45 billion dollars for the USA economy according to the Department of Commerce in 2018.

  • This shows that it will be a major blow to the universities and the USA economy if these students left and decided to leave or get deported.
  • American students pay to in-state tuition fees at Universities in states. Once the number of International students will reduce who pays the out of state tuition fee the In-state tuition fee will rise dramatically and more students will go under student loans burden.
  • Rise in Illetracy for American Students
  • Due to the rise in the in-state tuition fee more and more American students will be feared to pay the tuition fees and drop out of schools which will definitely increase the rise in Illetracy among young Americans.
  • Business Opportunities will reduce with foreign countries
  • International students will start applying to other universities in other parts of the world and the highly skilled students that contributed to a major part of job and business growth will be reduced to a big percentage making states not so immigration friendly reducing the chances of people investing in EB-5 Visas as well and ultimately a big blow to the business relationships of states with foreign countries.

Some Million Dollar Questions About Dream of Study Abroad in American University 

  • Is there any hope or the American Dream is over? American Dream is not over and I disagree for those spreading negativity and hatred as this country has strong foundations and immigrants contributed a huge part in its success to date. So, it’s a challenging time but it’s not going to last long.
  • There is always a ray of hope. It’s only a matter of patience.
  • Lastly, I would highly suggest to stay positive and be proactive by applying to states and not get discouraged and for those already in states take an active part in petitions to revoke this and start spreading awareness among international students by sharing this article. Best of luck for your future


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