Websites That Will Pay To Write – You can earn Good Amount

Many students are asking us for Online Job That can pay a good amount so here is a list of those jobs and websites that pay you a good salary just to use the internet and write something. There is No Fee for ign up anyone can apply for such jobs. It is a kind of Fully Funded job abroad opportunity for you.

It is quite easy to find any computer-related job like web development, quality assurance, etc. But a wide range of opportunities for people who are not related to computer science is also present. They can be paid by doing the following jobs.

Websites That Will Pay To Write (Job Roles)

  • Content Writing
  • SEO
  • SEO Based Content Writing
  • Article/Blog Writing
  • Data Entry
  • Administration
  • Accounting
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Experts
  • Creative Writing
  • Online Teaching
  • Business Writing
  • Research

There are many other types of jobs than the mentioned above. At least the basic knowledge of any skill is a necessity of successful work. There are a lot of institutes which offer basic and advanced courses. People try to get these jobs without any knowledge.

As a result, people do not hire them, the clients leave negative feedback on their profiles, or they do not get future projects of the same client/employer. Digiskills and E-Rozgar are also few efforts by the govt of Pakistan. You can learn these skills for free by joining them.

A question that I face regularly is about getting a job. The answer to this question is patience. Please be patient when you apply for a freelance/remote job as you do in the physical market

The candidates around the globe apply for a single job and the competition for remote jobs and freelance projects is higher than the physical job market. So, you should take care of these three things if you want to engage yourself in the freelance market.

  • Try to find your skills
  • Polish any skill as much that you should not need to apply for any job and people send you offers themselves.
  • Submit applications for as many jobs as you can.

Last but not least is spreading awareness about the data entry job. What people do is they find any captcha entry job thinking it genuine and do the entries in thousands. At the last point of their job, automated programs do not let them complete a few entries and as a result of incomplete entries, they do not get any payment.

A data entry job of a hospital/clinic is an example of a genuine data entry job. Your client will send you audios of patients and you will have to enter their bio-data as well as medical history after listening those audios. There will be many more like this.

Moreover, I am attaching an article that shares authentic websites to earn instantly. Writing is a paying job but it is technical enough. You will be assigned unique topics every day. These topics may or may not be related to your subjects. So, you should be good at English as well as in search, if you are interested in writing.

Although, I have used Upwork and Fiverr only for freelance the following sites are also useful. I hope my post will be helpful to everyone.