Why To Choose Germany For Education?

We give you 10 reasons to move to Germany as a researcher! Germany’s healthy economy means it offers a wealth of employment opportunities in the private sector. Unemployment rates have been falling since the 2008 financial crisis and hit a low of 3.3% in November 2018. Valerie Domcke, a theoretical physicist at the German Electron Synchrotron in Hamburg, says: “I have the impression that in Germany, for those students who decide not to stay in research, the chances of getting a job in the private sector are excellent.”

In Italy, where she worked in the past, physics students often weren’t sure where they would be able to find work. “But because the employment market is very good in Germany, nobody who has studied physics has to worry about landing on the street,” she says. A government forecast for 2030 shows that this trend is set to continue and that people in health professions, management, engineering, and natural sciences will be in particularly high demand.

Applying to German Universities, funding options, and student job opportunities. How to prepare yourself during Bachelor studies

1. Get an insight into what subject, line of research do you like.

2. Choose the Final Year project very carefully (try to select something research-based or related to what your interest lies in). If you go for something easy, you might face difficulties later on.

3. Look at the programs you might be interested in, look at the requirements already (6th-7th Semester).

4. Online Courses (depending on the courses you intend to study

5. Learn how to surf the internet correctly, try to make the best use of the “Search Bar” and “Files” section.

List of Scholarships in Germany

DAAD (www.daad.de, https://daadscholarship.de)
University scholarships (check individual university websites for scholarships)

Deutschlandstipendium [https://www.deutschlandstipendium.de/de/haeufig-gestellte-fragen-1729.html])

Student Jobs (odd Jobs [https://www.jobmensa.de/])

Student Jobs (University [StudIP & University website] and Companies [LinkedIn, Xing, Glassdoor, Stepstone])

Importance of German Language

  • Easy to conversate with people which helps a lot in learning about German culture, places people.
  •  You can take courses offered in German (more variety of course selection)
  • Helps in finding Odd jobs
  • Helps in Internship, Thesis applications
  • Better chances of landing a job after you graduate.
  • Technical job-related advantages do not really apply for IT, Software engineering-related fields. People in these fields can easily land jobs only on the basis of the English language.
  • Prospects after graduating
  • Jobs (18 months Job search visa)
  • he’s (not the topic today)
  • Blue Card